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👉Magical stuff here👈 

Dive into the raw, unfiltered chaos of the recording studio with a behind-the-scenes video of Atrocifer's first release 'No One'. 

No glitz, no glamour – just the gritty reality of what it takes to lay down tracks and capture that perfect sound.

New Song Alert! 🚨🚨

Atrocifer's SIXTH track "Falling Awake' Is now streaming!

Listen Now <<<


New Song Alert! 🚨🚨

Atrocifer's fifth track "Anguish" Is now streaming!

This song features the incredible talent of Brian Auer on lead guitar and Michael Pignataro on keyboards.

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🚨🚨New Song ALERT! 🚨🚨    6/2/2023

"The Day Is Dull" is Now streaming everywhere!

Here is my unconventional demo of the lizard queen! 

Here I am showcasing how I used the Lizard Queen in my signal chain for my upcoming release "The Day Is Dull" which drops June 2nd!

Thank you to the JHS Pedals  pedals crew, Daniel Danger, and Mike Matthews of Electro-Harmonix  for creating such an awesome concept and bringing it to life!

Purchase one here: https://www.ehx.com/products/lizard-q...

Recorded by @atrocifer  at MT Minds Recording Studio  in Palm Beach, Fl

New Song "The Illusion" out now!

New song alert!!

"Am I dying to live? Am I living to die?" I'll let you decide the answer to that. Check out my new song "The Illusion", featuring a guest solo by Shaun Rosario is now streaming on Spotify, YouTube Music, and many more!

Recorded mixed and mastered by Joe Evin and Mike Tarbett at mTminds Recording Studio


New Song "Is This The Only Way" out now!

You are formally invited to experience Atrocifer's latest release which is available for listening now on YouTube Music & Spotify! Is This The Only Way features a guest solo by Shaun Rosario!  The song will be available on all major streaming platforms soon and a video is on the way!

Recorded mixed and mastered at mTminds Recording Studio in Palm Beach, FL


New lyric video for "No One" out now!

I'm proud to finally release this. This has been a long-going work in progress and I can finally say that this song is finished! Take a moment to watch this video and see what years of writing, recording, re-recording, writing some more, good days, bad days, and just life, in general, translates into. If not for Mike Tarbett This would have never existed. Thank you immensely! Thank you to Katie S Hernandez for making sure I stick to making music and Thank you to Shaun Rosario for providing the beautiful ending guitar solo! Also to Brian E Auer for providing inspiration for my solo as well. Thank you to all who have pushed me and provided creative feedback over the years. This is just the start!

Recorded mixed and mastered MT Minds Recording Studio


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